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Garage Door Cables

Garage Door Cables

Our garage door replacement company specializes in overhead doors and replaces all branded electric operators and parts with great care

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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

As garage door spring experts, we guarantee exceptional and fast services including all spring installation, replacement, adjustment and repairs

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Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance

During garage door maintenance, we inspect all parts and the panel, tighten the fasteners, lubricate components, adjust the door and repair the opener

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We provide simple answers to complex questions about garage doors! We know how difficult is to handle everyday issues and find good answers to the most frequently asked questions. We answer simply and accurately in an effort to make problems seem easier. Every answer is carefully written with attention to details.

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Are you confused about garage door brands and types? Find your answers here. Everything about garage doors!

What should I do if the remote has a short range?

Some garage doors have a short range because of a metal door or siding or foil backed insulation. Check if the battery is weak and needs to be replaced and also the location of the remote inside the car. There is also a possibility of signal interference from other devices like wireless home alarms and door bells, baby monitors and outdoor wireless weather stations.

Why does the door reverse suddenly and the opener light does not blink?

There is possibly something that's obstructing the door. Try opening the door manually after releasing the emergency handle and check if the door balances correctly. Perform a safety reverse test after adjusting the force or travel limit setting. Keep the garage door floor area clean and remove any debris or snow that can possibly cause obstruction.

Which type of opener requires the least maintenance?

Out of the traditional garage door openers, the screw drive models typically require the least maintenance. Our experts explain that the belt drive operators do not require any special care either. The innovative direct drive openers are virtually maintenance free, but this technology is fairly new.

What are the reasons for noise in garage door?

Generally, noisy door indicates worn out roller bearings. A worn out roller bearing in addition to causing lot of noise can also stop the door from working properly. The roller helps in rolling the door, so it operates smoothly. Approaching the expert at Garage Door Repair University Place will help.

What do I do when the opener chain sags?

It's not unusual to see the chain of the garage door opener sagging a bit. That's why these systems have an adjustment bolt system on one side. They actually have a locking bolt, which must be loosened up, in order to give our professionals in University Place the chance to adjust the chain by the other bolt before locking the system in the right position again.

How important are handles?

To be able to open and close your garage door manually if there is a power outage, handles can help greatly in the manual operation. The door’s manufacturer should be able to install handles should you decide that you need them. It is much easier to manually operate the door if there are handles.

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